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Request your desserts, choose from our delicious toppings and let us do the magic!

Bringing you an unique, tasteful and exciting experience for your guests. Pimp your dessert, the way you like it!

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Looking for a scrumptious dessert stand at your upcoming event, look no further.

At Pimp My Dessert, our job is to bring you the most delicious desserts for your events. Request any dessert or choose from our Pimp'd packages below.

Choose any toppings you like and we will bring them to you and your guests. You can choose from over 50 toppings, sauces and ice-cream to create the most extravagant dessert.

We cater for weddings, birthdays, private events, parties, corporate events, festivals & more.

We partner with the top brands for the highest quality of desserts

The cherry on top...

We now provide a fully customisable option with your chosen package.

Donuts, mitha, brownies or cookies, fully customise every single part of the process. Think outside of the box and let your guests experience something sentimental and memorable.

Whether you have a constant theme for your event, or you want certain flavours/colours on your treats, or even if your heart desires unicorn figurines on all desserts or a photo of yourself, we've got you covered, we can do it all!

Our clients are the most important part!

At Pimp My Dessert, the client is at the heart of everything we do. The Pimping experience aims to provide a professional service, while ensuring that all your requirements are met.

We believe in making unforgettable memories, guaranteeing flare and creativity, that are never compromised no matter the size of your event.

We’re here to provide you with the most exciting bespoke treats, made to match your colour theme and suit your taste buds. All of our desserts are made freshly for you, with love.