Collection: Pimp My Brownie

This is no ordinary brownie. This is Pimp my brownie!
Chocolate fudge brownies have never been so delicious. We supply any toppings you choose from and create the most magical, exciting, unique desserts.

Top your brownies with anything you can dream of; a double scoop of chocolate ice-cream, with crushed biscuits, coconut flakes, strawberries, whipped cream and nutella sauce! Our flavours are endless!

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Personalisation Package
Pimp My Donut also provides a fully customisable option with your chosen package.
Fully customise every single part of the process. Think outside of the box and let your guests experience something sentimental and memorable.
Whether you have a constant theme for your event, or you want certain flavours/colours on your treats, or even if your heart desires unicorn figurines  or a photo of yourself on your desserts, we've got you covered, we can do it all!

Let us know your ideas and we will create something magical!

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