Collection: Wedding Cakes

Dessert trends come and go, but nothing takes the place of a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. Our favourite type of wedding cake is the kind that makes a statement by adding to your wedding decor.

From fondant, minimal, glamorous, rustic, tonal, bohemian, modern, marble, nude or completely statement, we are here for you. 

It's your wedding, your cake and your day. Tell us about the cake you have always dreamed of and we will guide you through taste and design and determine what will be the safest and most spectacular. 

Whether the cake is naturally iced, adorned with fresh fruit, decorated with intricate sugar work or fresh, edible flowers, we will strive to create a cake that tells a story.

If your style is contemporary, a sleek, smooth finish and geometric details will always do the trick. If you’re more of a classic bride, traditional white isn’t your only option; hand-painted florals, watercolours, and subtle ruffles all evoke a timeless touch. And if your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings.

Or if you are unsure about what you want, our in house baker and designer can help you throughout your wedding journey so keep calm, we are always here to help and guide you through every part of the process. 

Simply get in touch using our form below and we will make your dreams come true. 

Always made with love, by Pimp my cake. 



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